Praise for Carla and Leo’s World of Dance

“What a wonderful journey Carla and Leo go on. They come alive so vividly through the beautiful illustrations of Thierry Perez. They always look so elegant and seem to be having so much fun, yet with an excellent dance frame. The explanations of all ten dances with their rhythm and timing are spot on.
Thank you, Agatha Relota, for taking us all on a first class journey through the world of ballroom dancing – Carla and Leo, a team of two moving as one.” -Pierre Dulaine, Dancing Classrooms

“The book is sure to find its way to every stylish bedroom shelf.” -Vogue UK

“I really enjoyed this delightful book’s social message of learning and practicing dancing as the means to bring boys and girls together in a shared venue. At a time when boys and men are becoming ever more socially isolated by living their lives in a high tech world, Agatha Relota’s dance journey promises to be a salvation. Parents of boys should encourage their sons to learn how to relate better with girls, starting with, ‘Shall we dance?’ “-Dr. Philip Zimbardo

“My niece Katherine isn’t even a year old yet, and Carla and Leo’s World of Dance already has her emulating the rumba and the salsa like a pro…I couldn’t believe how mesmerized she was by Carla and Leo, which takes the reader through some of the world’s most famous dances — the waltz, foxtrot, swing, mambo, and tango, just to start — via the eyes of pals Carla and Leo.” –Will Lee,

“This book will please both children and their parents with a fresh take on ballroom dancing that inspires and educates.”
– April MacIntyre,

“Agatha Relota revels in her childhood dance days and reviews the origins and cultural significance of each of the ten ballroom dances. The book is cleverly illustrated to represent a scrapbook…an eye-catching reminder that dance takes its roots from all over the world.” — Art Intercepts

“The illustrations are simply elegant and beautiful. The story is captivating, educating, and empowering for young children. The waltz, foxtrot, mambo, cha-cha, rumba, and samba are just some of the dances that are delicately but intelligibly presented in the book…Carla and Leo’s World of Dance is definitely worth reading.”